Friday, April 5, 2013

The Streets of New York City

On display at the South Street Seaport Museum until last week, Street Shots NYC was an amazing exhibit of New York City street life captured by contemporary street photographers.  Straying heavily from the rules of aesthetically "correct" photography, the focus of these images is all about the subject matter; that is to say, a showcase of everyday life.

With over 100 images on display, these are my photographs of my favorite photographs in this exhibit. I have contacted the South Street Seaport Museum to obtain the names of the photographers of these images, but I haven't yet heard back.  Once I do, I'll update this page, crediting the photographers.

The following images are ones that I shot after viewing this exhibit and becoming inspired!  I'm always so aware of not invading people's privacy when I photograph, so photographing street scenes in this way was a very interesting (and I'll admit, a very freeing exercise for me).  

As the day progressed, I found myself become more and more brave in capturing people, whether I "secretly" caught them with my camera or when I asked their permission.

After Hurricane Sandy, I became increasingly frustrated with myself for not being able to photograph people as they experienced and expressed their grief and loss.  I missed many opportunities for capturing and memorializing profoundly moving subject matter, and as much fun as today was, I still stand by my belief that there are times when it is more important (for me) to witness someone's experience than it is for me to capture it in pictures.

This is a dilemma I face every day when I'm out with my camera in my hand and a desire for deep connection with others in my heart.

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Carlos Chiossone said...

Beautiful images! Hope you comeback soon!