Saturday, April 13, 2013

Seeking Solace

Missing Henry and feeling badly that I'm not at home with Taz so we can grieve this passing together, I seek solace in nature, and with my good friend Haran.  Together, we wander through the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, where we breathe in the deep scent of the magnolias and visually feast on the cherry blossoms just now beginning to bloom.

Here, as spring beckons the small buds to burst open and already beneath a few of the trees lay a carpet of scattered petals, I'm reminded that at every moment in time, at this moment, and this moment and this moment too, somewhere, a life is beginning and a life is ending.  

I grieve for Henry and for Taz and for this loss in our family, and this grief washes over me.  My tears mix with the light rain that falls, as they spill from my heart and soak in to the ancient earth that lies in wait below my feet.

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