Monday, April 1, 2013

Reawakening to Spring

Spring is here, lifting me from winter's slumber and I know that I am easily prone to flight, amidst the daylight and the sunshine, running to and fro, expending my energy chaotically throughout the day.  Today, I make a commitment to rediscover what grounds me, to find my "feet".  

Today, on April 1st, I commit to paying attention and to taking care of my mind, my heart, my body  and my spirit. Only I can do this for me...

I begin to attend to my mind by waking early and being still, laying in bed, paying close attention to the deep inhalations and exhalations of my breath, and meditating.   As I meditate, I repeat a mantra for this day over and over and over.

I begin to attend to my heart by waking early and writing in my journal for an hour.   My visual journal is a place of play and creativity, and I cut images and words from magazines and paste them in to my bright yellow book beneath my page's headline for today, Gratitude.

I begin to attend to my body by signing up for yoga classes at my neighborhood studio, a studio that is just a ten minute walk from my house and that has been whispering to me for months.  I attend my first class in this warm, sunny and welcoming space.  I stretch and bend and breathe and listen to the tight, heavy spaces in my body, and the loose, light spaces.  I shift my weight and my breath, simultaneously shifting my internal and external focus.

I begin to attend to my spirit by slowly walking home from the yoga studio.  Letting the sun's rays warm my face and my body, and hearing the chorus of birds that spills out from the trees lined along my street, I am connected to this place, to these people, to this moment in time.

This is to be my practice.  It is not yet noon, and already I am bursting with energy and joy, but I don't feel scattered or driven or restless.  I feel contentment washing over me.  I am content.  I am in this moment.  So this is what it is to be mindful?  Ah...

How do you reawaken to spring?

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