Sunday, April 21, 2013

47 Days to Go - My Thoughts!

With so much to see and to do in the city as my time here winds down, my days are filled with exploration and I return home at night happy, but exhausted. With a long bucket list in hand, I leap out in to adventure in the early morning and back in to my bed late at night.  As such, beginning today, I'm limiting my blog entries to photographs, hoping that my images will tell the stories that I'm not going to take the time required to share in words here.  

For me, my words, my stories are my children.  And quickly trying to summarize my day's adventures, when I'm tired, does a disservice to my experiences and ultimately, to me and to anyone reading these - you.

Okay, I will say this - I LOVE THIS CITY.  Even still, after living here for six months, I love stepping out my front door and never knowing what or who I'll find around the corner.  The excitement is intoxicating, and I'm quite drunk on it all, all of the time...

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Gail Suzanne Baker said...

Rat atop car ogling femmes en pajama. Spit swallowed. No expectoration