Friday, April 26, 2013

42 Days, 6 Weeks and 1008 Hours

"I feel safest when I'm furthest from what I know".

This is a quote from Pulitzer Prize winning writer Tracy K. Smith. Her words resonate deeply with me, as they so succinctly give voice to how I feel about not only my travels in general, but my time here in New York City in particular.  So aligned is this sentence's phrasing with my current journey, that I inhale its meaning daily.

Here on the streets of the city, I am one walking among millions. This anonymity is intoxicating.  Equally as intoxicating and uplifting are the connections with strangers, some who become friends and others who touch my life briefly, but in no less profound ways.  

Today marks the start of my remaining six weeks in New York City.  I'm flooded with memories of the people and the places I've encountered along the way. It would be easy to sit in my room and weep at the thought of leaving so soon, but instead, I leap out of bed as the light sneaks through my blinds, and I continue to explore the many nooks and crannies of this vast city.  

All the while, I  bump in to amazing, creative individuals who are in hot pursuit of their passions, and who inspire me as I discover, uncover and recover my own authenticity...

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