Friday, April 12, 2013

2nd Annual Write-A-Thon

Today is the Alaska 49 Writer's annual Write-a-Thon.  I'm participating for the second year in a row, but remotely this time, and from one of my favorite Brooklyn spots - The Tea Lounge.

When I walk in the front doors of The Tea Lounge, I enter a room of creativity and energy that sweeps my muse off her feet with sheer giddiness.  From the brick walls of this converted warehouse, walls covered in original artwork that is rotated monthly, to the young, fresh and friendly barristas, to the rainbow-colored chalkboards boasting a splendid menu of healthy and affordable temptations for the palette, to the cornucopia of tables, chairs, benches and pillows scattered around the room, to the parade of people that come in, tuck in and become a part of the every-changing landscape, and who then make their way out the door, quickly replaced by others.  

Settling in to a nest of pillows myself, my muse takes me by the hand and the heart and together, we write.

Thanks to Beth, Jackie, Teresa, Lidia and Taz for sponsoring my write-a-thon this year and in doing so, helping me to reach my goal of raising $100 for this nonprofit organization that supports Alaskan writers.

And so, I write, encouraged by the beautifully inspiring words of my friend Jackie, "Somewhere far away a crow has settled onto a spruce branch, cocked its head to the side, and is listening for your pen to hit the paper..."

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