Wednesday, February 27, 2013

With Gratitude

Diagnosed with hypothyroidism  in my mid 20's, I've been on the same medication since that time, and up until two years ago, my dose has been pretty much the same as well.  Early in 2010, I noticed a few of the common symptoms of hypothyroidism returning.

Under the care of a local physician, we've been working together to try to manage these symptoms by adjusting the dose of my medication.  Unsuccessfully.  Quarterly blood tests have been showing varying levels followed by dose adjustments, then more varying levels followed by more dose adjustment, but never stable levels.

Increasingly frustrated at not finding a dosage that returns me to normal levels, and feeling the symptoms even more, I decided it was time to sit down with my Doctor and have another look at what might be going on: hormones, another condition, etc.

Educating myself with google searches on a variety of medical forums, my local Doctor and I meet.  A wealth of information and a wonderful bed-side manner, I value and appreciate this physician who moved to our small town from a big city and who honors honest conversation.

Some of my research has found me looking in to holistic and naturopathic options.  My Doctor who practices Western medicine listens attentively and then suggests that she turn my care over to her coworker in the adjoining wellness center, a Doctor who integrates western and eastern medicine.

This Doctor has an appointment open in a week, but in five days I'm flying back to New York City.  Knowing this, my Doctor consults with her coworker and in an hour, I'm sharing my story with this new physician.

Attentive and kind, he addresses my concerns, offers suggestions, schedules alternate tests and together we devise a plan of action and care.

I leave this medical center feeling grounded, confident and very well attended to.  I share this story because I am touched by the care and reminded of one of the many reasons for how special it is to live in small town Homer, Alaska.

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