Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weaving a Life

I've been a bit blue the past few days, feeling lonely, lost, disconnected and unsure of what I'm doing.  What I'm doing back here in New York.  What I'm doing turning a steady income down. What I'm doing to move myself forward in my desire to explore freelance writing and photography as not just a passion, but also a career.  What I'm doing to be more fully engaged in my own life.

Expressing all of this and more to my friend Jackie, she responds with words that are so simple, and that I cherish.  She says, "Christina, put that loneliness to good use through the lens of your camera".  

And so with that beautiful encouragement, I head back out in to the world with eyes and heart wide open, continuing down this path of creativity I'm already creating.  And so, moment by moment, day by day, I weave my passions for photography, for writing, for travel and for stepping out in to that great unknown into a beautiful tapestry, the tapestry of my life...

"Tell me what it is that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"  Poet Mary Oliver 


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