Monday, March 18, 2013

To the Adironadacks & Back

Brilliant sunlight streams through the curtains, warming me and gently drawing me from sleep.  Today, I drive to the Adirondaks, to hike and explore this pristine area I've been to only once before.

Acre after acre of working farms and long miles of asphalt streching out before me bring out my inner child.  I love road trips and being in rural farm country takes me back to my childhood.

I spend the day weaving in and out of the park and along the scenic back roads, hiking, driving, finding amazing opportunities for photography and oodles of inspiration for writing.  Locals are full of stories and easily share them, and I journey back to Oneonta as the sun sets and the fading light casts long shadows along the landscape.  I am at complete peace in these surroundings.  Memories of the day's beauty spill from my heart and out in to my journal now tonight, as I recall the wonderful moments that filled me completely.

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