Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring is Here

For the first time this year, I slept with the window cracked open and didn't wake to frost on the tip of my nose.  I relish these cool mornings, and I recall how quickly the heat of the day invaded my small room when I first got here last September.  Soon, it will be time to put the air conditioner back in the window, and tuck my hat and gloves back in to my suitcase.  

I'm taking full advantage of these cool morning moments, as I know that soon enough the summer sun will cast its relentless rays in to my room and on to my fair skin.

During my walk around the neighborhood this morning, as dusk turned to dawn and the city yawn'd from slumber, three large flocks of Canada Geese arched across the horizon, their calls a gentle reminder to the nine million New Yorkers down here with our feet on solid ground - Spring Is Here!

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