Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Church Houses

The community of Middleville in Upstate New York, near the Adirondacks, is quiet and tranquil, like so many other towns along these back roads.  What surprises me here, though, are the churches that have been purchased by individuals and renovated in to homes.  Never before have I seen a church for sale, but here, there are two.

I want to talk to the people who own the first magnificent church, to find out the history, but they aren't home and I leave a card and note on their door, hoping they'll call.  Asking around town, I find out their name and make a note, so the next time I'm planning to be in the area, I can call and see if they're open to a visit.  

I imagine that they are regularly bothered by visitors wanting a peek into the reconstructed church, but then, I also think that if you buy a church on main street and convert it in to your home, but leaving the original structure intact, either you like the company or you didn't think ahead.  

These photos are my favorite house!

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