Friday, February 8, 2013

The Streets of NYC vs The Streets of AK

While walking the streets of New York City, I've been asked:

* For spare change
* For food
* For directions
* For a swipe of my subway card
* What time it is
* Where I'm from
* Where I'm going
* If I speak Spanish, French, English
* If I've been saved
* If I'd like to go home with him/her/them
* If I have marijuana/cocaine/beer/whiskey
* If I'm single, married, living with someone, gay, straight
* If I'm happy, sad, lonely 
* If I'm looking for a good time
* If I'd like to go for a drink
* Where I live
* If I'd like to buy a ticket for a musical, comedy, dance performance, tour 

Yesterday, while slowly making my way along the icy streets of the hills near my house here in Alaska, a couple walking stopped me and asked "Have you seen our pig?" 

Now, it's not unusual to see other people out walking here, as this is a very walker-friendly community, and Alaskans tend to be a people who enjoy being outside, be it walking, hiking, skiing, kayaking, cycling, running, golfing, hunting, fishing, birdwatching, snowshoeing, horseback riding...

What I found unusual was, one - their lost pig, and two - my reaction to being stopped by strangers.  

As it turns out, they really did lose their pig when their barn burned down the week prior.  And as it turns out, living in NYC has created an unconscious suspicious nature in me...


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