Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One New Yorkers Thoughts on Snow in the City

When I asked how she was faring in the blizzard, my writer/photographer friend Bárbara shared her thoughts on New York City's recent snowfall.

"I have to say, I wouldn't mind snow so much if I didn't live in New York City.  It just makes everything so darn annoying.  It is already too crowded here and the snow filling in all the rest of the empty spaces makes me think of the jar analogy.  I always feel liek we (all of us - buildings, cars and people) here in NYC are like jellybeans in a jar filled to the top, and a snowstorm is like pouring sand in to the jar, filling in any tiny crevice that might not already be taken.  Too close for comfort for me.  It also makes me feel really scared in some kind of trapped way...  I truly hate it."

Thanks for letting me quote you Barbara.  

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Bárbara said...

Thanks! Funny! I love your photo! Great and really so beautiful!