Friday, February 1, 2013

Missing New York City

Some people see the city as noisy, dirty and crowded.  While it may have these aspects, I've fallen in love with the fascinating architecture, mesmerizing history, amazing locals, soothing natural beauty, invigorating and unending activity, performance art opportunities, and more!  

From riding the subway to hearing the birds outside my window, to interactions with strangers, to exploring the beaches and parks, to taking in a vast array of art exhibits, dance performances and live music and musicals, to a great cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop, to writing at my little desk as the moms walk their kids to school, to being greeted by the family who owns the deli on the corner, to sharing stories of the other room renters with my landlady, to getting together with my friends, to walking my neighborhood late at night and listening to the various languages, to laying in bed at night with the light from the street light casting shadows across my blinds and the quieting hum of traffic lulling me to sleep... 


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