Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Circle of Men & Women

Three years ago, my friend Jen and I created "A Circle of Women", a literary and photographic exhibit featuring women's answers to a series of questions relating to their experiences of being women, as well as photographs depicting women in their daily lives.

Now, with Jen's blessing, I'm venturing out to create "A Circle of Women II" as well as "A Circle of Men".

These Circles are intended to create a space for self-reflection and contemplation on the experience of being a man or a woman, and to provide a place to give voice to these experiences.  

I'm currently looking for men and women to participate in any and all of the following ways: by answering the questions, by being photographed, by having stories voice recorded. My goal is to create a traveling exhibit, a website and a coffee table or eBook, ultimately expanding this project nationally and internationally.

If you'd like to participate, please email me at with A Circle of Women/Men in the subject line.  

Here are some images from the 2009 "A Circle of Women", exhibited at Fireweed Gallery in Homer, Alaska. 

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