Saturday, January 12, 2013

Two Eyes on my Butt

My friend Barbara who is a fantastic writer and photographer commented about how having two eyes or her butt would be an easy way to avoid the disappointment and frustration of hindsight after the fact.  Hind sight!  She makes me laugh!

My friend Kevin said that if I had two eyes on my butt, I could make lots of money as a stripper.  Hmmmm. 

One of the amazing aspects of a life of spontaneity is being open to what each day brings.  This is an aspect of non-spontaneous life as well, though "supposedly", we hippie types are thought to be more adaptable in this regard.   Supposed to be an operative word.

No matter how you live your life, be it spontaneous or more planned, you can't avoid surprises, the unknown and the unplanned to sprout beneath your feet at times.  Just like you can't also avoid the wisdom of hindsight.  I just checked and nope, I do not have two eyes yet on my butt, so I suppose that means that I have to continue to plod along just like everyone else, doing great things as well as making mistakes.

The common thread of humanity... 

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