Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Tea Lounge

The Tea Lounge is a fantastic Brooklyn hotspot, complete with a splendid variety of couches, benches, chairs, stools and tables aplenty, strewn about the large, renovated warehouse space featuring exposed brick walls and local artwork that is rotated on a monthly basis.  

The friendly staff serve up smiles as large as the cups of coffee and tea they offer.  The chalkboard menu includes a variety of local beer and wine and an extensive food menu that varies from selections including hummus plates and healthy salads to hot soups and chicken sandwiches to a tempting array of tarts, cakes, cookies and all things sugar and divine, among much, much more to tease and tempt every tastebud that salivates from the smell wafting through the high-ceilinged rafters when you walk through the front door

A diverse and varied selection of unique, ethnic music plays at alternating noise levels depending upon the staff working and the time of day.   Evenings at The Tea Lounge showcase local talent, from readings and slams by poets and authors to rowdy bands, young musicians just starting out and singers and all manner of entertainment, vying for a spot on the stage in this lounge on this street corner in this borough in this city of endless opportunity, this city of dreams and aspirations.

My creativity flows in this warm and inviting space, and today I'm perched on a tattered and worn, but comfortable and perfectly-cushioned orange fabric chair, alternately working on my computer and writing in my personal, handwritten journal.   

There's no end to the people watching here as well, as all manner of individuals from all walks of life rotate through the heavy, dark doors. Dots on The Tea Lounge horizon that blend and weave their way in amongst the others, all who enter are immediately absorbed in to the warm and welcoming interior, slipping silently in to the ever-changing fabric of Brooklyn's The Tea Lounge.

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