Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Travel Tip - Pack Your Hose & Hit the Road

As an avid traveler, I subscribe to several online newsletters.  This article came across my email this morning, offering fun and informative, well, information on holiday travel tips.   So, on this day when some are pondering the end of our world, I thought I'd share it and lighten things up a bit.  That it to say, if we're all still here tomorrow, pack your "hose" and hit the road.

Pantyhose are actually incredibly useful when you travel. Here are eight reasons to pack pantyhose on your next trip (men included):

  1. Blister stopper for men and women -- Cut the feet off a pair of pantyhose at the ankles and wear them under your socks. They’ll cut down on the friction between your shoe and your foot, thus reducing your risk of blisters.

  2. Lint mitt -- Slip your hand into one leg and brush it against clothing to remove lint or deodorant marks. (It works just as well as a lint brush but it’s smaller and lighter to pack.)

  3. Shoe shiner -- Pantyhose are soft enough yet sturdy enough to gently polish your shoes.

  4. Chigger, insect, and jellyfish protector -- Wear pantyhose under your shorts or hiking pants to protect against chiggers and insect bites. You can also wear them in the water for protection from jellyfish stings if you’re swimming, fishing, or clamming. (Admittedly, this one is harder for men.)

  5. Clothesline -- Tie the foot of each pantyhose leg to something in your hotel room and use them as a clothesline.

  6. Shoe dryer -- Slip a wet shoe into each leg and then hang them over an air vent or open window to dry out.

  7. Pain reliever -- Fill part of a leg with uncooked rice and use it as a microwaveable heat wrap for sore muscles. (Be sure not to microwave it too long and to check that it’s not too hot.)

  8. Camera lens filter -- Stretch pantyhose over the end of your camera lens to create a blurred, “dreamy” effect. This won’t work for stock photos, but can produce fun fine art shots or portraits.

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