Thursday, December 20, 2012

Frustration on the Work Front

Trying to secure work here is becoming very frustrating.  I've applied for jobs that I could do in my sleep, and have not even gotten a phone call. I'm trying hard not to take this personally, but it's challenging.  I've reached out to market myself creatively, but have had no responses to that either...

Taz reminds me that I've only been looking for work for a short time, and to be patient.  He also reminds me that I didn't come to New York City to work for someone else, but to move forward in my freelance work.  

One of my friends made this comment to me when I shared my frustration:

"I read your blog and noticed that you have been disappointed at your current job opportunity in NYC. This is my opinion and I'm not sure you will agree or not, but want to that you don't need to be employed to make someone richer by being an administrator or secretary in NYC!! Please use your talent in a proper way, Christina. If they don't hire you, why not you consider starting on your own? I think you are a very talented, positive, creative woman, and one good things about being New Yorker is everybody can be a business owner...even me myself..small or big, citizen or immigrant, doesn't matter. 

I hope you can spend more of your energy to do something for your art or something to help other artists who need help from people like you...I don't know specifically how...but, just thought it's not so Christina at all sitting in someone's company office and doing administrative job. Yes, to survive, we need money, so we need to work. That's true. To survive, we can make money by doing anything like waitress or administrator etc...but I know you need something more, not only for surviving.... By using your creativity and uniqueness, there should be something which can be done only by you. I don't know what but to find what, if there is anything helpful for you, I will do."

What delicious support I have here in the big city where it's easy to be swallowed up in to anonymity. For now, I'm still frustrated but at least I also feel some hope springing forth.

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