Monday, November 19, 2012

Taz Arrives!

It's always an adventure here.

The F trains near my house are not working for the weekend, so I board a city bus and make my way to a train station near the Brooklyn Bridge, for the short ride to the Port Authority Bus Station in downtown Manhattan.

I get my bus ticket for the trip to Newark Airport, and explore the city for a couple of hours. It took me nearly four hours to make my way from Newark to Brooklyn when I arrived, so I leave plenty of time to meet Taz at his flight and I head out with four hours to spare.

To my surprise, the trip is less than an hour and I arrive at the airport three hours early.  How come I didn't know this option when I arrived?  Well, it's good to have figured this out now, so the trip from the airport and in to Brooklyn won't be as daunting for Taz as it was for me. 

We take a shuttle to our hotel and crash hard.  Waking early, we take the air train in to Manhattan, a fantastic exploration of the old warehouses and houses whizzing past our window as we race down the tracks, the Manhattan skyline appearing on the horizon.  We settle in to a wonderful lunch at a restaurant at the the 42nd Street terminal for couple of hours, explore a bit of Times Square area before heading to Brooklyn and to my home sweet home.


Anonymous said...

Please do not encourage Taz; NYC has enough problems with the aftermath of Sandy.

Christina Whiting said...

Ha ha!