Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Seeking Sanctuary

Where's your favorite place to retreat to and what makes it such a special place?  

Some of you have asked if I've been able to find quiet places to enjoy here.  While it's been a challenge to find such places on a daily basis, I have found some remarkable sanctuaries during many of my explorations in and around the city.  

Because I seek solace on beaches, many of the places I've fallen in love with have been severely damaged or destroyed by the hurricane.  When I revisit these places, I weep.   

While I'm grateful to have spent time in them when I did, it's heartbreaking to return to them now, but I do to bear witness to the changes. Some places though, I'm unable to return to, which is really difficult for me.

Some places, like South Beach on Staten Island, where I spent hours gathering shells and beachglass, I can't return to.  Park Rangers patrol the area, not allowing anyone on to the boardwalk or the beach because they're littered with medical waste and other hazards.

Some areas will recover in time, while others will take much, much longer, if they will recover at all...
My favorite sanctuaries to date have been:

Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn
Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Queens 
Rockaway Beach, Rockaway, Queens
South Beach, Staten Island
Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn
Prospect Park, Brooklyn



Taz Tally said...

Nice images here!
I esp like the two low point of view shots from prospect Park and south Beach!

Christina Whiting said...

Thanks T.