Monday, November 5, 2012

People Helping People

Real people offering real assistance is happening here every day...

To the four teenagers on the bus in Staten Island who helped the elderly couple off the bus and walked them to their homes with their bundles of relief aid packages, you inspire me.

To the family who donated their Christmas fund to the Salvation Army in Brooklyn, your enthusiastic generosity made me smile and motivated me to think outside the box for ways to help.

To the thousands of New York Marathon runners who donated their time and resources and helped in so many waysIt was a joy to meet you in Rockaway, Staten Island, Coney Island and Manhattan.

To Diane, who offered me a ride from the Staten Island ferry to the park I was helping to clean, and then dropped off the lunch I left in her truck, thank you for your kindness.

To the following individuals and all the others who posted their offers of assistance on various relief websites:

"If anyone in Rockaway still needs water pumped out of their home, my family and I have several industrial pumps and want to help you for free. Do not pay ridiculous companies thousands to do so. Text # with a name and address. Right now we have nowhere to go so tell us who needs it! Share this with your neighbors or text us their name and info."

"I have a single light weight metal bed frame in excellent condition.  Also a quilt.  I am 74 yrs old so cannot. Deliver it. Can someone pick up? Ruth"

"Hi…I'd like to volunteer on Tuesday election day…I'm a NYC teacher and students will not be in on this day. Financially I cant really help..but i have the muscle power to clear out debris etc…please inform me as to how can assist for tuesday Nov. 6. I live in Flushing Queens" 

You all inspire and motivate me.  Thank you!


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