Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Yorkers Have So Much...

... heart!

Everywhere I look, I see neighbor helping neighbor, stranger helping stranger.  I experienced this within my first hour of arriving in the city, long before Hurricane Sandy impacted so many lives.

New Yorkers have the reputation of being rude.  What I see are not rude people, but people in a hurry, in a constant state of motion.  On the train, on the subway, in their cars, on the streets, in the stores, they scurry to and fro, fully involved in their lives.  It is, in fact, their way of life.

Perhaps instead of the "I love New York" slogan, it should be "I'm not rude, I'm just a New Yorker in a hurry".  

So yes, all this rushing about and the ensuing behaviors of brisk walking, lack of eye contact, constant horn honking, brief and blunt conversations...  yes, yes, all this self-focus could easily be perceived as rudeness.  But if you take the time to look beyond, to look deeper, to look in to the hearts and lives of these New Yorkers, to really listen to the stories they share, to really watch their actions, you'll see honesty, you'll see openness, you'll see generosity.  You'll see a whole 'lotta heart!

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Ai Matsui said...

I totally agree with you! Before I started living in NY, I thought NY is a really tough place to live in and people should be so harsh or rude whatever....but, it is not true. Yes, there are many people like that. But also there are many nice and open-hearted people here. NY is a really interesting place where we can be mean to others in daily basis,but when some tragic disaster happened like 911 or Sandy etc, New Yorkers really got united and helped each other..... One of my friends said, people do not follow the signals here, crazy driving, yelling at each other many of jerks etc etc...but he can not hate New Yorkers at all because he sees they really help each other when needed like this time Sandy. And I agree with him. And your point of view is also very similar to it and I agree with you too. Maybe it's because there are lots of people here who came from other places ( they are not not native New Yorkers??) and they know they need to help each other when in trouble because that's how they have been surviving here...?