Thursday, November 15, 2012


Thanks to three amazing young men for unexpected and inspiring conversations.  Each in their own unique way has encouraged me to stop holding myself back and to embrace my boldness more, well, boldly!

To Jared, Guess what instrument a subway performer was playing today?  Yep, a harmonica!  Thanks for being such a great seat mate on the little orange school bus today.  You are wise beyond your years and our conversation has motivated me to think further outside the box than I have been doing.  Enjoy your winter in Colorado and please keep in touch! 

To Haran, Thanks for introducing me to another great area of Brooklyn and for encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone even more.  Your insights and suggestions are spurring me to action and I'm grateful for your gentle nudge of encouragement. See you at the writing group Thursday.

To Tetsuy, I'm in awe of your energy, your passion and your commitment to pursuing your dream of being a musician.  Your zest for what you are actively pursuing is a reminder for me to pay more attention to my muse, to what she used to whisper but is now shouting.  Rather than shutting her out, I should be embracing her.  Thanks!  I look forward to hearing you perform!

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