Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Last Day in NYC Cathrine and Gareth

Cathrine and Gareth both leave the city tomorrow, Cathrine to return home to Austria and Gareth to Boston, to continue his travels.  It's been an absolute delight to spend time with both of them, and I can't imagine going through Hurricane Sandy, sitting here, shut up in the house, with any two more amazing individuals (and their abundance of snacks).  

Thanks Cathrine and Gareth for your humor, openness, generosity and sense of adventure.  I will miss both of you very, very much.  Thanks for addding so much to my life and to this little brownstone on Albemarle Road!


Ai Matsui said...

OMG lol, how could you guys have had that much fun without! Wish they would come back to NY in the future....!!

Christina Whiting said...

Hi Ai. Yes, we missed you while we were tucked in during the hurricane. That'll teach you to leave us alone with cookies!

Ai Matsui said...
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Ai Matsui said...

lol, if next time we have hurricane, i will definitely stay home lol! i like the pic of Gareth sitting on the blanket in the living room....funny, he is so chilling lol.