Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fa La La La La!

 Happy Holidays!

Hello!  I hope that you've been bitten by the holiday bug and are enjoying all the delights that the Christmas season has to offer.

Thanks to those of you who wrote, asking if I'd fallen in to a vortex, since I haven't posted to my blog in nearly two weeks.  First, thanks for missing me.  Second, I have in fact fallen in to a vortex of visitors.  My boyfriend was here from Alaska this past week, and then a friend from California, and now my mom, sister and brother arrive tomorrow from Canada.  

It's been great to show off my neck of the woods, and I'm reminded of how overwhelmed I was when I first got here, by the sounds, the lights, all the people... when I see it in other's eyes.  It's amazing how I've grown accustomed to life in the city in just the eleven weeks that I've been here!

Life in The Big Apple continues to be great and to provide endless inspiration and delightful surprises.  I'm working to update my blog as quickly as I can, in between looking for work, so that I can maintain my reputation as one of Santa's little helpers, and to keep me from writing an autobiography on what it's like to be one of the city's homeless!

Thanks for staying tuned to Tina's Travel Tales, and watch for a backlog of stories and images soon!  

Merry Christmas!