Friday, November 2, 2012

Brooklyn Bridge, Lower Manhattan in the Dark

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in the daylight, we enjoy the fantastic views of lower Manhattan, the Bay and the other bridges. Hundreds if not thousands of people walk with us, around us, in front of us and behind us.  

This Bridge is used by visitors and locals alike, but today, with subways and buses offering no or limited service, this mass of wood and steel serves as a gateway, a lifeline, between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Walking back across the Bridge as evening descends, we walk in near darkness, with only the emergency lights of the bridge shining against the darkening sky.   Row after row of buildings in this part of Manhattan stand bleak and unlit. They're outlined against one another, small patches of space between them provide perspective and as the daylight fades and fades, the buildings of lower Manhattan become a black mass of brick, concrete, plaster, glass, metal and plastic, rooted to earth's surface, not gone, but notably absent.

Here's a video of our walk across the bridge.


Tazbtally said...

Nice mental image of the bridge as a lifeline

Christina Whiting said...

There are many lifelines here and the Brooklyn Bridge is definitely one! Thanks for your feedback Taz.