Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Whoa Nelly, or, Tina Takes Tiny Bites of The Big Apple

I've been kind of careless with my budget this past week and now have taken a hard look at my finances and realize just how much I've got to reign myself in.  

I've been having a fantastic time, treating myself to most anything I've wanted to.  Now, it's time to go through my list of cheap and free New York things to do and see.  And there are plenty, so I'm not complaining, just acknowledging.

Perhaps my Ninety Nine Days in New York City could be renamed Busted in New York City, though that sounds like the police have caught up with me.  How about New York City or Bust, Bust!  Taking Small Bites out of The Big Apple?  I like that one!

I think that I've been in a bit of denial that I'm actually unemployed, a striving artist, for the first time in my adult life.  My only current income is from the sales of my work at the gallery in Homer.  I had expected to have other income, work I could do while in the city, but that fell through, and here I came anyway...

So, here I am.  If poverty equals creativity, my creativity should abound.

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