Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Weekend of Portraits

How did New Yorkers get the reputation of being unfriendly? Time and time again, I've found them to be outgoing, open and very approachable.

Thank you to each of the individuals shown here, for allowing me to photograph them, and to not just photograph them, but to spend time talking with them, sharing stories.  And a very special thank you to M, the New York City police officer whose image isn't included here because she was on duty, but who didn't hesitate to let me take her picture and who made me laugh so hard I thought I'd crack a rib!

The new bride on Far Rockaway Beach

The models, interns, makeup artist, Director and Accessories Designer
on their photo shoot

Chloe, a dance student attending NYU

Far Rockaway Beach resident Ted and his rescue dog Lexy

Ted and George, birders from Poland, visiting the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

Nancy and those shoes!

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