Thursday, September 27, 2012

The City Really Doesn't Sleep!

And apparently neither will I then.

It's 2:30am and the neighbor who works the night shift just got home.  His early morning arrival is punctuated with a stereo cranked so loudly that the deep throbs of the bass vibrate right through the brick walls, making my bed shake.

I don't know if he just got this job or if I've just slept through his other arrivals, but I was first woken by his rude loudness last Friday.  2:32am on the dot, every morning since then, he parks his car across the street and sits, stereo blaring for ten to fifteen minutes before he slams the car door shut and makes his way in to his apartment.

As amazed as I am at the kindness of strangers here, I'm equally amazed at the thoughtless of some of them. From the constant honking of horns, to people talking, laughing, singing, whistling, playing music and screaming, all hours of the day and night, it wears me down.  

Two weeks ago, when I first got here, I laughed and took photographs of the "No Honking - Fine $350" signs.  Now, they're not so funny and I want one in front of my house and i in front of all the neighbors houses.

There's a law here that you're fined if you don't pick up your dog's shit.  There needs to be a law here that you're fined if you act like shit!

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