Thursday, September 20, 2012

Doing It for YOU!

I had the idea to ask family and friends to let me know what they'd like to do in New York City.  This way, I can participate in activities and visit places in their honor.  Also a fun way to get a list of ideas I wouldn't have otherwise thought of. 

Here's the list so far!  I better get moving.

1.    Walk dog for Janice
2.    Take in live music for Kevin
3.    Cervesa con limon for Heather
4.    Eat a falafel at Jerusalem Restaurant for MK
5.    Eat a bagel with any flavored tofutti at Absolute Bagel for MK
6.    Eat at Campagnola for Johnny
7.    Explore Brooklyn Flea for Anne
8.    Go to Nobu and splurge on a Warm Mushroom Salad for Marcia
9.    Go to Museum of Modern Art and take a picture of the thing that makes you most wonder, "Who on earth decided that THIS was art?" for Marcia
10  Get a "Rush" ticket or lottery ticket for a Broadway show for Brenda or go to half price ticket booth (must have cash and id)
11  Go to street/flea market in Greenwich for Brenda
12  Take in free theater in Central Park for Brenda
13   Walk the High Line on a Sat or Sun morning for Alice
14  See the Frick Museum for Alice
15  See Ellis Island for Alice
16  Rib/pulled pork place
17  Visit Mahayana Buddhist Temple for Darlene
18. Abyssinia Baptist Church service for Mom
19. Top of the Rock for Kevin
20. Breakfast at Tiffany's for Kevin
21. Attend art class for Gail
22. Attend yoga class for Gail
23. Have a bagel in Greenwich Village for Jason
24. Visit the Cloisters for Jackie and Gail
25.  Walk the perimeter and down the middle of Central Park for Taz
26. See a Broadway musical for Sara
27. Visit the Guggeinheim and Whitney Museums for Mary
28. Go linedancing for Sharon
29. Explore Brooklyn Flea for Anne
30. Visit a firehall for Jonathan and Taylor
31. Visit a Brewery for Wade

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