Monday, September 24, 2012

A Weekend of Books & Bridges

The Brooklyn Book Fair was an all day event, with over 250 vendors, including publishers, authors, writer's unions, and more.  I'm a sucker for books, and so I spent the entire day, feasting on the vast array of options and enjoying readings by local poets, novelists and other authors.

After hours of walking and sitting, I longed to walk and when I walked past the Brooklyn Bridge sign, I immediately changed course and, well, walked the Brooklyn Bridge.  This walk is akin to a walker's freeway, with thousands of individuals both on foot and on bike.  There is a path to separate the two, but walkers get taken in by views of the Manhattan skyline and easily wander across "the line". The incessant honking of New York drivers is second only to the less loud but equally annoying honking of New York cyclists on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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