Saturday, September 15, 2012

Arriving in to NYC

I'm in The Big Apple!
The subway and trains from Newark to the house took longer than the flight from Anchorage to Seattle.
I'm pretty beat, but excited to be here!
Guy in line behind me Anchorage to Seattle flight had a t-shirt on saying "Zoo York".
He let me take a picture.
Flights were great; love the exit row window!
Have already experienced many kindnesses from strangers.
Four young men at different train stations helped me with my bags because I was struggling to get them up the stairs.
They literally carried my larger bag for me and wheeled it where I was going, a few went out of their way.
No expectations, no flirting, just simple kindness.
And each person on the street that I asked for directions from was very happy and helpful.
This is the New York I experienced 10 years ago and was eager to experience again, and so here I am.
The apartment is nice, neighborhood looks nice so far, and my landlady is very friendly.
Her name is Ai, she's Japanese.
Just met her quickly on my way in as she was on her way out, so don't know her story yet.
I chose the medium size room because it is bigger and not facing the street and I wanted to avoid the street noise.
But, now that I'm seeing the two rooms, the smaller one is perfect for writing and so tomorrow I'll check and see if there's an option to switch.
So, I am beyond exhausted and also sick with sore throat, cough, headache and congestion.
Will hopefully get a good night's sleep and explore the neighborhood tomorrow if I have the energy.

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